Dying chicks can make any farmer want to quit poultry farming. It does not need to be this way, as that is where our expert-led free online training last month on How to Reduce Broiler Mortality was eye-opening for both seasoned farmers and those just starting out.

If you are looking to lower your chick mortality rates — ultimately saving money and farm more sustainably, read on as we share the tips from Dr Victor Agbajelola that will make your chicks survive and grow up to provide healthier and tastier meat for your customers.

Sourcing For Broiler Chicks

One of the most important decisions to make as a poultry farmer will be first to look for the best place to get your chicks. Unfortunately, in this part of the country, there are so many adulterations going on. You could barely look at any place where you wouldn’t find a product adulterated. Most of the complaints that come from farmers or most of the challenges a poultry farmer would face would be evolving around the prices at which he gets the birds.

In keeping the system that helps us to source for birds, you’ll need a reputable missile man as we know, most of these places are the hatchery. 

An average livestock farm in Nigeria is more or less a medium or small scale farmer. So you would need the service of a middleman who will be honest, reputable, and upright enough to be able to supply you with good birds.

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