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About Our Company

Since inception, we have been trusted by multiple premium partners as a key supplier of farm produce.

There are agro-based businesses, and there is Jokun Farms- we are excellent at what we do, and our proven track record is a testament of the fact. As a company, we are committed to empowering local and indigenous farmers and improving Nigeria’s food security through the cultivation and supply of well-bred organic farm produce and livestock.

We are not just a regular farm; we leverage technology and innovation to improve our processes, with zero compromise on quality assurance and control. We dare say we source the best quality commodities, supply the healthiest farm produce, and other food/cash crops in the whole of North-Central Nigeria.


“Our experience has given us a deep and comprehensive understanding of the markets.”

Olonilua Yemi, CEO & Founder Jokun Farms.

Our mandate is to provide measurable value for all customers and clients alike through our agro-business operations.

Our vision is to be globally rated and trusted locally as a world-class Agritech company in Nigeria.

Jokun Farms is an indigenous agro-company focused on building efficient agricultural systems and improving food security in Nigeria. Our core farm operations revolve around effective commodity trading, smart farming, crop cultivation, food production and wholesale supply of farm produce. We provide a healthy, sustainable, and affordable option for select farm produce and agro-commodities like sorghum, hibiscus and cashew nuts, etc.



Innovation and Technology are at the heart of the work we do; we believe in breaking barriers, disrupting industries and challenging stereotypes in order to create positive change in Nigeria’s agricultural sector.

Commodity Trading

To trade at least 150,000 tonnes of various farm commodities produced in Nigeria


To empower 3,000 indigent youth with modern agro skills through internships and trainings

Food Security

To cultivate, distribute and export at least 100,000 metric tonnes of locally produced farm yields.

Social Impact

To directly and indirectly positively affect the lives of 500,000 customers.

Job Creation:

To create over 2,500 direct and indirect jobs.

Improving the agro value chain
Creating access to markets



We challenge stereotypes across the Nigerian innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and exemplify the spirit of creativity and value driven service. We provide global standard products that can compete favorably in any market. Our ‘never-give-up’ spirit and audacity to succeed where others have failed is huge part of why we are unique. Our numbers, staff, and experience are unbeatable. Jokun Farms has recorded multiple successes and we are nowhere close to stopping.


Our team has over 50+ years cumulative experience in extensive agro-business operations.


We have deployed sustainable system to ensure business longevity

  • Affordable Pricing systems
  • Available wholesale deliveries.
  • Industrial Warehousing
  • Mechanized Farming
  • Latest Technology

Meet the winning team

That makes the dream work

We are a diverse team of, business specialists, agro-strategists, managers and other professional experts. Our highly skilled workforce employs innovative and cutting-edge ideas in delivering outstanding agro-related services. Our experience has given us a deep and comprehensive understanding of the markets we serve and the ability to effectively manage resources, identify challenges and proffer solutions to meet client’s expectations.